Take the Brenner motorway (A22) to
Brixen, then drive along the SS49 through the
Pustertal until just after Welsberg.
Turn right there into the Pragsertal.
Drive through the Pragsertal to the Weiler Säge.
Turn left there, pass through Altprags until you reach
Brückele 1490m. Drive up the asphalt mountain road up to
1950m to the car park. Then walk along the gravel road
past the Plätzwiesen hut and the Hotel-Hohe-Gaisli
until you reach the Austrian fort and the
DÜRRENSTEIN HUT 2040m! Walk takes about 35min.

The refuge is accessible by foot only!


Plätz car park: N 46°39.390`
  Dürrenstein hut: N 46°38.514`
                         E012°11.748`                      Print

Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte, Baur Evi, Plätzwiese 71, I-39030 PRAGS, South Tirol, Italy. Phone/Fax: +39/0474/972505
VAT ID: IT03069930216

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