Hiking with children  from car park to Dürrenstein hut
Overwhelming colours of nature, flagrant flowers in the summer or colourful foliage slowly falling off – the hiker experiences all of these beautiful things when he gets his shoes on and his backpack is packed. He sets off knowing full well that he will have some piece and quiet and will be able to enjoy the clean air.

Hiking has a long tradition. Whoever doesn’t try it out can’t appreciate nature and its beauty. You can find numerous possibilities around the Dürrenstein hut to try out hiking. There are simple hiking trails that children can easily cope with and there are more strenuous slopes like the one to the Dürrenstein or Strudelkopf.

The Dürrenstein is a panoramic summit at an altitude of 2839 metres. The Strudelkopf is a kind of flat, grassy summit that is situated towards the east and rises to 2307 metres in altitude. It is an ideal viewing point over the area.

Suggested hike - Strudelkopf, 2308 m:
Follow forestry trail no. 34 to the Strudelkopfsattel and continue over easy terrain to the summit cross of the Strudelkopf. This mountain with its magnificent views can be reached from the Dürrenstein Hut in only a very short time. The view of a multitude of Dolomite summits, such as the Drei Zinnen and Paternkofel, Monte Piano, the Cadini Group, Monte Cristallo and Hohe Gaisl is unique.

Try out hiking, whether alone or with others – you won’t regret it!

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