Summer timetable

Dear guest!

From mid June to mid September the road from Brückele up to the car park Plätzwiese, for the time of 10AM to 4PM it is closed to traffic.
By car: Between 7:00 up 10:00 and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM is however a toll of about 8 € due.
By bus: On this time there is a shuttle bus service – the South Tyrol mobile pass will be valid even here.

Here here you will find the actual timetable for the autobus.

Winter timetable

The street is closed from 10:00 am until 04:00 pm.
Maximum capacity of the car park Plätzwiese 100 vehicles, then the road is closed.

Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte, Baur Evi, Plätzwiese 71, I-39030 PRAGS, South Tirol, Italy. Phone/Fax: +39/0474/972505
VAT ID: IT03069930216

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