Hohe Gaisl/Croda Rossa
Do you know the feeling of being care-free when walking through the glistening powdered snow and causing a small avalanche with each and every step? The snow then falling like thousands of diamonds back down to the ground and you forget everything. Or you are familiar with the sight of gorgeous, white, snow-covered fir trees and paths? Everything has been covered by peace and looks wonderfully clean.

A winter holiday, even a couple of days off in the snow is immensely relaxing; whether you go for a walk or exhaust yourself skiing, whether you sit at a fireplace and look out of the window at the snow flurry.

Treat yourself to some time out in the winter and visit us at the Dürrenstein hut. We will take care of you and you can wholeheartedly enjoy the winter. There are many winter activities in the area and a sensational countryside is waiting for you.

Skiing, snowboarding, going tobogganing with the children or just watching – it’s all possible.

Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte, Baur Evi, Plätzwiese 71, I-39030 PRAGS, South Tirol, Italy. Phone/Fax: +39/0474/972505
VAT ID: IT03069930216

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