Dürrenstein hut and Fort widt Monte Cristallo 

Dear guests!

Our hut is open all year round except for a few weeks in November and April! Please call us to make sure you won’t be standing in front of closed doors.

News: The hut is OPEN at 2012/04/29

Wednesday is day off
We certainly had the exceptional winter this year with extreme amounts of snow! The access route from Prags to the car park was always in top condition thanks to the work done by the snow-clearing services. Especially the hiking trail from the car park to our hut was simply fantastic. The metres high banks of snow towered to the left and right of the trail. In some places it was hardly possible to look over them. Simply marvellous. Trees stood in fields covered by lots of snow, the small cottages looking daint, the mountains had never stood so white and snow-covered before. Scenery like in a fairy-tale! 
The ski slopes were always in excellent condition. Even the toboggan runs to Brückele and Landro were always in great condition!
The skiing tour to Dürrenstein was and always will be an experience


Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte, Ferdick Elisabeth, Plätzwiese 71, I-39030 PRAGS, South Tirol, Italy. Phone/Fax: +39/0474/972505
VAT ID: IT02754490213

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