Tobogganing with the familiy
Leave daily routine behind, dress the children in their new snowsuits and off you go to the Rodelberg. It’s what all families dream of. Having fun all day long and looking at the faces of children, who find it really funny when Mum and Dad fall off the toboggan into the snow.

We would love to welcome you to the Dürrenstein hut. You will find everything you need for a couple of nice winter days, whether it is a suitable toboggan run, like the one in the Landro/Höhlensteintal, for example or the one in Brückele, be it the fascinating countryside or be it a cosy family room, as particularly the children become very tired after tobogganing. …

Treat your family to a holiday and give yourselves the chance to get to know each other again!

Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte, Baur Evi, Plätzwiese 71, I-39030 PRAGS, South Tirol, Italy. Phone/Fax: +39/0474/972505
VAT ID: IT03069930216

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